NCC Prominently Represented in New Archaeology Volume on Fort Snelling

The newest volume of The Minnesota Archaeologist (Vol. 79) has just come out, published by The Minnesota Archaeological Society. This volume is exclusively focused on recent archaeological efforts surrounding the Fort Snelling locality at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers. The sleek volume includes color plates and eight articles related to prehistoric and historic archaeological subjects related to the fort. Of the eight articles in the volume, five of them were contributed by NCC team members including:  

Alexandra Hedquist: “The Post Bakery Site: An Archaic Component Along Historic Fort Snelling’s Upper Post Bluff” 

Jeremy Nienow: “A Tale of Two Developments: Recent Identification and Evaluation Efforts at Fort Snelling’s Lower and Upper Posts” 

Fred Sutherland: “Exploring the Uses of Ammunition at Fort Snelling from the 1850s-1980s” 

Laura Koski: “Zooarchaeology of the Historic Fort Snelling (21HE99) Enlisted Men’s Latrine Feature and What it Revelas about Soldier Life at the Fort (ca. 1830-1880s)” 

Matt Flueger: “Contextualizing the 1878 Soldier Barracks at Fort Snelling, Minnesota” 

This volume collective represents a high point for NCC and what an engaged, diverse, set of team members can accomplish when a five-year window of activities at Fort Snellings Lower and Upper Posts. Congratulations to all the newly published authors” 

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