Alexandra Hedquist, M.S.

Alex Hedquist is a 2023 graduate of the St. Cloud State University (SCSU) with a Master’s in Cultural Resource Management Archaeology. Alex’s expertise lies in Precontact lithic tool technology, lithic raw material identification, and collections management, though her interests extend more broadly to both Precontact and Post-Contact period archaeology. She has worked extensively at NCC on a variety of Precontact and Post-Contact sites throughout the entire state,including various properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places, such as Historic Fort Snelling, Historic Forestville, and Gibbs Farm. Her thesis work at SCSU on stone tool technological organization has been of great value for NCC’s survey work and the understanding of raw material acquisition, mobility, and preference.

Alex’s primary position at NCC is as Collections Manager, directing and focusing our laboratory management of the dozens of collections we work on each year. Her attention to detail, organizational ability, and passion for collections has ensured we rigorously meet the Minnesota Historical Society’s (MNHS) requirements for curation as well as the Minnesota Office of the State Archaeologist’s (OSA) requirements for site form production and updating. Alex spends much of her time, when not in the field, completing existing site audits and updating site forms, completing artifact analysis, generating new site forms, and managing collections for the project. Without her efforts and organization ability, NCC would never be able to move forward on future projects.