NCC Continues to Give Outstanding Public Presentations 

Throughout the month of February, NCC has been providing the public with a broader understand of the work we did in the 2022 field season via our social media presence, as well as a series of public presentations. This included a virtual kick-off presentation for Preserve Minneapolis with Matt Flueger of Fort Snelling in Photographs, followed up by not one, not two, but THREE presentations at the 2023 Council for Minnesota Archaeology – with a bonus presentation by Matt at the CMAs as well. NCC kicked things off on Saturday, February 11th with the 2023 inaugural Preserve Minneapolis lecture given with Matt Flueger on “Archaeology for the Renovation of Fort Snelling’s Upper Post”. The hour-long presentation had more than fifty attendees with fifteen minutes of Q&A at the lecture’s conclusion. Preserve Minneapolis is a non-profit promoting and celebrating the city’s historic architectural and cultural resources through advocacy, education, and public engagement. 

Not to be outdone, the rest of the NCC team jumped on board to give a series of public presentations as part of the 2023 CMA conference which was held the 24th and 25th of February at the new Minnesota Historical Society, Historic Fort Snelling Visitor Center. The Council for Minnesota Archaeology is a non-profit dedicated to promoting archaeological research and interpretation in Minnesota. Jeremy is the immediate Past President of the organization, having successfully led it over the past two, two-year terms. Laura Koski presented on the Friday virtual day of the conference on NCC’s major new undertaking with a presentation, “ZooMS in the Midwest: Making Paleoproteomics a viable option in CRM”. Fred Sutherland then led the Saturday charge with the opening paper of the day, “Dining-Out on Spooner’s Row: A Midden from an Early St. Anthony Falls Commercial District”. A little later, there was a session on Fort Snelling with three papers, including Jeremy’s presentation on, “Officers Row Privies on Fort Snelling’s Upper Post” followed shortly thereafter by Matt’s, “Identification of Mislabeled Photograph of Fort Snelling’s 1878 Soldier’s Barracks at NARA”. 

Not only is Nienow Cultural Consultants dedicated to providing high quality deliverables to its diverse group of public and private clients, but we are clearly invested in giving back to the public with engaging and timely presentations on the work we continually do. We feel it is very important to let the public know what we do, especially when work comes from public funding sources. Not only does it allow public insights into the how and why of archaeology – but also fosters a deeper appreciate of the past for everyone! Stay tuned for more presentations to come, including recordings of the above presentations hosted on our YouTube page.

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