Public Archeology and Events

Dr. Nienow’s background in higher education has led him to focus NCC’s efforts toward public-focused archaeology projects. This includes a wide variety of public events, over thirty presentations in the last five years, dozens of public excavation events throughout the metro area, and collaboration with numerous local and county level historical societies. Much of this work has been completed in concert with the Metro Area Historical Society Collaborative as well as the Maplewood Area Historical Society and Historic Saint Paul. In addition to this archaeological work, NCC has also offered kids field and laboratory programing, pairing with the Gibbs Farm, the Stans Museum, and the Lawshe Memorial Museum.

The Covid pandemic has certainly changed the way projects have been implemented, but NCC has been committed to continuing its public focus. Indeed, archaeology itself is in some ways an ideal, socially-distanced, activity to engage in. And, as in-person presentations have not been possible, NCC has moved its educational efforts on-line, often pairing with Barry Madore of Fire on the Bluff Productions to create dynamic, web events, available for later viewing on YouTube. Finally, NCC has worked with multiple businesses, townships, counties, and societies to document their historic properties – creating dozens of public-accessible virtual tours.