Nienow Cultural Consultants LLC provides archaeological services exclusively within the Upper Midwest with a focus on historical and industrial settings. We provide all levels of consultation from Phase Ia Literature Reviews to Phase IV Salvage projects with an emphasis on survey and evaluation. We also complete site documentation, curation, and GIS at all levels and effectively communicate with clients, stakeholders, and regulatory agencies to bring everyone to the table and speak a shared language.


NCC offers the capability of doing full immersion, photo realistic, 3D walkthrough models for any interior space. These models are ideal for doing essential site documentation, planning, insurance, ADA issues, marketing and many more applications.

Models can also include:

  • Highlight Reel
  • Descriptive Tags
  • Virtual Reality Transference
  • Spatial Measurement
  • Digital Photographs

Cultural Resource Management

NCC specializes in small and mid-sized public focused cultural resource management projects. We are yearly licensed for historic and prehistoric archaeology work in Minnesota and routinely do:

  • Literature Reviews
  • County Level Archaeological Understandings
  • Phase I Reconnaissance Survey
  • Phase II Evaluation Testing
  • Artifact Identification
  • Laboratory and Curation Assistance
  • Project Planning
  • Regulator Consultation / Liaison


NCC offers a wide variety of educational programs for audiences of all age ranges and backgrounds.

Recent Programs have included:

  • Phase I Archaeological Survey
  • Phase II Archaeological Evaluation
  • Archaic Life Skills
  • Typology Building
  • Artifact Analyses and Understanding
  • Using and Making Maps
  • Historical and Archaeological Lectures

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