Christopher E-W. Rico, M.HSPH

Chris Rico is a 2022 graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Masters in Heritage Studies and Public History. Chris’s thesis work at the UofM focused on understanding how students spatially relate their educational surroundings to their own mental maps of the events and activities which have shaped their shared university experience. His real-world production of spatial data by means of conducting oral history interviews is directly applicable to this year-long project. Chris designed and facilitated several public-oriented workshop events as part of this research.

He has nearly a decade of experience completing archaeological survey and evaluation here in Minnesota; however, his best work has been as NCC’s primary photographer and Public History Coordinator. Chris regularly develops and directs public programming and outreach initiatives which highlight and speak to the company’s services and day-to-day activities. This includes regularly designing and directing a variety of educational content for public consumption; developing interpretive materials related to past and ongoing projects; and growing awareness of the company and its services among the communities it works in. NCC has strongly embraced the need to inform and actively engage with the public, and Chris is at the forefront of our vision for public involvement in this project.

Chris also leads all Geographical Information Sciences (GIS) work at NCC. This includes completing historic and archival research as well as archaeological literature reviews and then overlaying this information into GIS. This spatially dynamic work allows NCC to examine, through time, what has happened at any location before fieldwork is done and is a critical first step in any preservation process. Chris is an integral part of the NCC team and we could not function without his insights and engagement.