Patreon Memberships

Over the past eight years, NCC has become a successful and respected driver within the cultural resource management (archaeology) sphere in Minnesota. Each year we complete major excavations, monitor construction efforts, and complete dozens of smaller projects for both private and public clients. We pride ourselves on being the first recommendation a client gives to another future client when they ask, “Who do I call to help me understand this?” We don’t just do this as our 9 to 5 job: we also serve on neighborhood and heritage preservation boards, steer archaeology professional associations, and give presentations in our off hours throughout the year.

We also have a few problems, some practical and some philosophical. First and foremost, there are some months in every year where it is very, very difficult to do archaeology in Minnesota. During these dormant winter times our paid work slows dramatically. We have free time, but no funding. Second, our work is typically deliverable focused. Once we solve a problem, answer a specific question, or complete a project – we report our results, collect our fee, and the client moves on. But more often than not, there is always, ALWAYS, more research which could have been done. Those questions are still out there, but the funding is not. Finally, although we are surrounded by history and archaeology every day, we only actively engage in a fraction of what we could… or should. Doing archaeology ahead of private, non-federally funded projects is typically not required. Even if a landowner or developer wanted to understand, preserve, and protect the past, they often lack the labor or discretionary funding to complete this step.

This is where you come in. Not only will NCC be able to use the funds provided by our members to delve the unknown depths of research questions, cheerfully work through the dark times, and share our results and victories with you and the rest of the community – but we will also be able to create professionally led public events to do archaeology in our own back yards. Patreon subscription allows NCC the breathing room to do passion projects and keep being the preservationists and professionals you want us to be. Many of you have cheered us on for years while following us on Facebook or Instagram, now you have the option of being a part of the action and making what we do possible